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And Dexit, the goofy name given to developer Game Freak’s

There’s never been more controversy or drama leading up to the release of a Pokémon game the way there’s been with Sword and Shield, a game criticized for both too much and not enough change. #GameFreakLied. Uncomfortably close examinations of tree textures. And Dexit, the goofy name given to developer Game Freak’s decision to limit the series’ long running feature that’s allowed players to import every Pokémon from one game to the next. Not every Pokémon would make the journey to Sword and Shield. For a series that’s often traded on nostalgia, it’s understandable why this might’ve bummed some fans out, but it also brought out the worst and most toxic parts of the Pokémon community.

Becoming a weapon for Pokémon critics was lol Reddit never SciresM’s intention, a longtime and largely self-taught hacker who considers studying Pokémon code to be his primary hobby.

“Controlling what people do or say or think is impossible,” he said, calling his modding tweets nothing more than a proof of concept about what might eventually be possible. “I don’t think it’s possible to convey precise understandings, so my best is all I can really do.”

SciresM, who’s been playing the series 1999’s Pokémon Gold and Silver, became interested in looking under the hood of his favorite Nintendo series after the release of 2013’s Pokémon X and Y. He’d stumbled on an article about a clever hacking tool called Instacheck, which allowed you to see hidden attributes of a Pokémon, such as shiny values, by examining the network packets sent between two 3DS machines during a trade. Instacheck was later killed by Nintendo, thanks to a security patch. Nonetheless, it sparked SciresM’s interest.


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