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Quality control of cast iron hatch cover?

Gangs are usually made of steel scrap. Due to uncontrolled raw materials, the cast iron company must carefully analyze the molten metal before putting it into use to ensure that it contains the right proportion of iron, carbon and alloyed metal.

After casting, cast iron manhole covers are tested for durability and durability to ensure proper design requirements. The durability and ductility are assessed by casting test rods from the same metal used to mold the manhole cover. These test strips are placed in a tension gauge by pulling their ends until they are broken or stretch beyond their elastic limits – the elastic limit is the point at which the bar can be pulled bản vẽ nắp hố ga. Arrives and retains its original shape when the tension is removed.

Cast iron can withstand limits ranging from 2% to 10%. Gray gangrene is usually brittle, so it will break if it is too large. Designers of gray cast iron products must always be aware of the crispy product, which breaks down without any warning of overload. As this can cause disasters, cast iron components often require a much higher safety factor compared to the components of ductile cast iron.

Thanh An is a cast iron company and supplies cast iron clamshell caps, gray cast irons suitable for all needs and minimize costs for customers.
Thanh An would like to bring to customers the products of manhole cover,

cap gang cable bridge, gray cast iron with quality as well as best price on the market. All our manhole covers are manufactured on a modern medium-range furnace line, with outstanding advantages over the same cast products. High strength, high impact resistance, impact resistant, anti-theft lock. To thoroughly solve the problems of the hatch cover of cast iron are on the market such as broken breakage, theft, …. The products of gas hull, cable lids, screens are designed to produce. with smooth surface, sharp pattern, light work and especially lower cost than the same products.
In addition, we also offer manhole cover products, composite composite lattice, chassis, floor manipulation … types.
We look forward to the opportunity to cooperate with you!


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