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TEPfactor is the ultimate maze challenge

There’s plenty going on at Crowne Plaza Dubai for the creepy holiday, with a dinner at Brazilian restaurant Chamas on Thursday October 31. There’s a free cocktail for those in costume and a set dinner starts from Dhs215. Trader Vics will be celebrating with themed cocktails and shooters and Harvesters are offering up a free mixed drink when you buy something from their special Halloween menu.

Don’t scare easily? That’s what you think. QE2’s Immersive Haunted Attraction is set to seriously test your limits. Brought to you by Project Rising Star, there will be three levels of terrifying experiences on the iconic ship, incorporating old stories from hundreds of years ago that actually happened there.

The ‘Level 1’ truc tiep bong da spooky experience will take place in the afternoons, designed to only lightly scare people and suitable for families. Taking place at after dark, Level 2 is said to be for those who don’t mind losing a bit of sleep and to enter the depths of Level 3 (in the depths of the night), you actually have to sign a waiver – it’s not for the faint hearted. The experience is running from Thursday October 17 to Saturday November 2 and tickets are available from Platinum List now.

TEPfactor is the ultimate maze challenge, where you’ll be locked in a cave with your team and only your mind holds the key as you solve clues, puzzles and riddles against the clock in a round of 21 challenges. On October 31, they’re getting a seriously scary makeover, so make sure you have your wits about you as there’ll be some creepy goings on in the darkest corners of the cave. If you dress up for the occasion, you’ll receive 50 percent off your game.


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