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interior decor of the Hollywood Regency era

Navy and brass takes front and center at the Front Room, a Chicago bar.Kyle Flubacker/The Front Room

Pale pink emerged out of minimalism’s primordial soup and proliferated across millennial-targeted goods and services, including the popular beauty brand Glossier and the Wing, a women’s co-working space. (The designer India Mahdavi, whose luscious dusky pink chairs and booths materialized at the London restaurant Sketch in 2014, is millennial pink’s viral godmother.) In turn, jewel tones have offered a more sophisticated alternative to pink, and a much-needed visual respite from its insistent youthfulness.

Like pale pink, navy is essentially neutral, making it a natural choice for those whose visual language is still very much steeped in minimalism. It makes a statement, but it’s unassailable.

Brass started to dominate a few years ago — call it 2014 or 2015 — when the home design market hit a saturation point with stainless steel and chrome, says Dailey. It also represents a rebellion against minimalism, with its links to the glitzy interior decor of the Hollywood Regency era and the ’70s and ’80s. But whereas brass accents were buffed to a reflective gleam during those periods (all the better to glance off marble and mirrored surfaces), it gets a quieter matte treatment these days.

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