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7 Powerful DIY Tools You Should Have In Your Arsenal

When trying to build or repair your own home without outside help, the wisest thing to do is to invest in power tools that will help you get the job done smoothly and easily. The following are seven of the most important and powerful DIY (do-it-yourself) tools which can cut your energy expenditure in half:

1. Circular Saw. This is a saw which uses a metal cutting disc or blade that rotates repeatedly so that it could slice through a hard object like wood. Circular saws are useful if you want greater accuracy in cutting wooden planks and other hard objects.

2. Cordless Drills. This is an electric drill that does not need a power source in order to work best electric impact wrench  . A cordless drill is used in construction to punch holes through walls. It can also be used to join two boards to each other, as well as fasten screws on essential places.

3. Angle Grinders. This is an extremely powerful tool that can be used for many purposes. First, people primarily use it for cutting. Second, it can be used for grinding. Third it can also be used for polishing or creating smooth surfaces.

4. Impact Driver. This is a high impact tool that helps loosen very tight screws, nuts and bolts. It delivers a strong circular and downward force so that larger screws can easily be loosened. Alternatively, the direction of the driver can be reversed so that screws can be tightened as well.

5. Impact Wrench. This tool uses compressed air to deliver a high torque output. It can be used for assembling heavy parts such as in automotive repair, maintenance of heavy equipment, and machinery repair. The beauty of this tool is that it produces a lot of powerful output without any extra effort on the part of the user.

6. Air Compressor. This powerful tool converts power into kinetic energy so that your pneumatic power tools can deliver moderate to high pressure output. A lot of DIY projects require some use of air compressor. However, you should always consult an expert craftsman or builder regarding advice on how to properly use air compressors.

7. Metal Nibbler. If you are in a construction task which demands cutting sheet metal, the metal nibbler is the ideal tool for you. What it does is it cuts through metal without producing any major distortion on the metal. Usually these nibblers are powered by compressed air, but you can also find electrically powered nibblers in the market.

Power tools are indeed fascinating and they come in different types and forms. As DIY enthusiast, make sure you are well versed on the tools that you use to make your tasks smoother and easier to do.


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