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Looking After Your Beauty Products – Tips To Protect Your Skin

Do you, like most women, have a stash of cosmetics and beauty products spread over your cupboards, nightstand and handbags? Most women buy cosmetics with a great deal of enthusiasm but are woefully negligent when it comes to looking after these products. Needless to say, cosmetic products that haven’t been taken care of properly can result in skin irritations and infections obagi tretinoin . Also, you can waste a great deal of money unless you know how to take good care of your skin care products and cosmetics. In fact, it is very important to look after cosmetics with the same care with which you buy them.

1. Only ever use products until their expiry date (a few months past the date is perfectly all right since the expiry date is merely for indication). They can turn rancid with age, thereby losing their beneficial properties.

2. Never use cosmetics for longer than 6-8 months. Constant contact with your skin and with air can lead to bacterial build up in the cosmetics which in turn cause skin problems.

3. Always clean your hands before applying your cosmetics so that you do not ruin them. Dirty hands can also transfer bacteria to your face.

4. Do not share your cosmetics with other people for fear of getting them infected with bacteria. This applies to lipsticks, mascara and eyeliners because they are used directly onto the skin.

5. Do not leave your bottles and tubes of beauty products open. Store them properly so that they do not get damaged.

6. Clean your brushes and applicators to get rid of accumulated make up which will make it very difficult for you to use them.

7. Be especially careful when looking after your eye makeup since eye infections can have severe consequences.

Cleanliness is indeed a very important part of skin care. If your product smells or feels bad then you should get rid of it without any qualms. While it is necessary to use high quality and clean cosmetics that suit your skin type, you should also ensure that your face is absolutely clean before you apply any makeup.

Never make the mistake of using cheap beauty products from unreliable manufacturers because they can damage your skin for a long time to come. It is best to locate a reliable supplier of high quality cosmetics where you can buy products at a very low price. Taking good care of them will ensure that you get the best value for money.


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